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Virtual tours

What are virtual tours?

What are virtual tours?

Virtual tours are an innovative technology presentation that is expanding into Internet marketing. Virtual tours consist of two or more of the 360 ° x 180 ° panoramic photos. Each panorama is made from a large number of high quality images merged to form the space in 3D, so that visitors have the opportunity to move around in it in all directions and zoom in and out a simple mouse movements. Moving through landscapes, one mouse in the desired direction, the feeling that you feel closest really there. Virtual tours posted on your web site generate significant visit and retain visitors to your sites. Angle of view includes the whole sphere in the range 360 ° x180 °. The view can be moved in any direction. These panoramas are created by merging several photographs shot from all angles. Panoramas are merging into ekvadistantnu cylindrical or other projection and installed at site.
Virtual not only will you improve your site, but you and your business in the best light show. Such sites with virtual tours for longer interested visitors than conventional sites with conventional images.

How to create 360 ° panoramas VT?

Spherical panoramas and virtual tours from the viewing angle of 360 ° x180 ° are made using a digital SLR camera with a wide angle lens (fisheye). The device is placed on the head of a panoramic (pano-head) which is mounted on a tripod. Then paint all sides of the same nodal point, which is usually at the end of the lens. The resulting images are combined into a single software ekvadistantnu large cylindrical panorama. From these images to create a panorama that VT can be represented in Java, Flash or any other format for web display.

We specialize in the development of interactive virtual tour, osvezajuceg way to display the digital media space. We offer the most professional interactive 360 virtual tours - combine 360 x 180 HDR (High Dynamic Range) virtual scene of the highest quality and most advanced programming in the latest world standards!